12000 Egg Hatchery - Produce 2880 chicks per week - SH12000 Chick Hatchery

12000 Egg Hatchery - Produce 2880 chicks per week - SH12000 Chick Hatchery

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Do you want to make money hatching and selling chicks? Surehatch has the answer...

Start your own chick hatchery today with Surehatch Incubators and Hatchers - the leader in the incubation industry!

The SH12000 Hatchery consists of:
4 x SH2160 Setter Incubators (Capacity 8640 chicken eggs)
2 x SH2000H Hatchers (Capacity 4000 chicken eggs)

Load and hatch 2880 eggs per week or 4000 eggs per batch

Why invest in a Surehatch Hatchery Set-up?

There are several major advantages that our hatchery equipment have. These are:

  1. Manufactured in South Africa according to strict quality standards - Ensuring unparalleled quality and durability. All our incubators and hatchers are fully factory tested and certified before they leave our facility.
  2. Fully Automated Digital controls - Incubators have automatic temperature control and automatic turning.
  3. Mobile Design - they have castor wheels and can be moved around by one person with ease.
  4. Multiple Units = Less risk - instead of having one large incubator that houses thousands of eggs at a time, we have pioneered the concept of the so-called "Modular Hatchery". Each incubator and hatcher functions independently from the other, which means that if something had to go wrong in one unit, the rest remains unaffected preventing major losses.
  5. Compact and Innovative Designs - Cutting edge designs allows for maximum output in the smallest possible spaces
  6. Industry Leading Track Record - We have served thousands of customers around the world

Full Product Description:

  • Fully Digital Temperature Controls
  • Easy humidity control with Digital Humidity Display
  • Automatic Egg Turner by Siemens
  • Chicken Egg trays included
  • Access eggs from the front of the incubator, making it easier to load the incubator
  • Built-in Lightning and Surge Protection on the electronics
  • Extra Large Clear-View Observation Windows
  • Incubator and hatcher is made of Ultra Durable, Water Resistant Duraboard
  • Opti-Flow™  Specialized High Volume Incubator Fan
  • Maxi-Heat™ Energy Saving Incubator Heating System
  • Internal Light for observing the insides of the incubator
  • Easy to clean Inner Coating for better hatch rates
  • User Manual Included
  • Made in South Africa
  • 3 Year International Guarantee on all parts
  • Exported Worldwide including United States, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean 
  • Dimensions:
    4 x Setters: 
    66" x 40" x 60", 440 Lbs. per Setter
    2 x Hatcher: 66" x 40" x 60" 440 Lbs. per Hatcher
  • Total Power Usage: 110V or 220V Single Phase, 6000 Watts at max
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