Why buy from Surehatch


  1. Proudly Made in South Africa (NOT China) - We proudly manufacture all our incubators at our world class facility in Cape Town, South Africa. Our incubators are build by highly skilled technicians with years of experience in the industry
  2. Expert Advice - We have a team of experts who can help you choose and make the right decision - saving you time and money
  3. Better Guarantee - We offer a Comprehensive 3 Year Guarantee on all our equipment 
  4. We’re Recommended - Surehatch Incubators are used and recommended by Research Facilities, Commercial Hatcheries, Hobby Breeders and Universities worldwide
  5. After Sales Support - We give expert advice and support both before and after your purchase
  6. Superior Industry Experience - We have over 10 000 incubators in operation across the world - our incubators are tried and tested to produce great hatching results
  7. Spares Available Fast - We always have spares available meaning no down time for you and your business.

What does Surehatch do? 
Surehatch is a manufacturer of quality egg incubators and hatchers. In additional to this we give specialist advice and information which enables any farmer or entrepreneur to start a hatchery and successfully run a poultry business. Whether you are a small-scale start-up or commercial farmer, we have the right advice and equipment for your needs!

What is Surehatch stand for?
Surehatch is an incubator brand that stands for quality, durability, user-friendliness, good customer service and excellent hatch rates. Our egg incubators are the best available on the market. We pride ourselves on striving to be the best egg incubator brand in the world.

Surehatch – More than just a name…
Surehatch Incubators take the guesswork out of incubating eggs. You can be sure that eggs will hatch inside Surehatch Incubators. We designed our egg incubators to be very user friendly and durable so that you can get the best possible hatch rates. Whether you incubate eggs for pleasure or profit, Surehatch is the most trusted brand name of egg incubators on the market. Buy the best, buy an original Surehatch Egg Incubator!

Why we are the best…
Technological developments have enabled Surehatch to design and build of the world's most trusted and easy to operate egg incubators. Our egg incubators are simple to use yet durable so as to provide a lifetime of value and excellent service. We offer excellent value for money and continually strive to serve you as our customer better.

What can Surehatch Incubators do for you?
Surehatch has the solution for all your incubation needs. Whether you are a small-scale hobbyist or commercial farmer, we have the right egg incubator for your needs. When designing our egg incubators we take your needs into account and build the best possible incubator in order to maximize your results. We make special effort to ensure that you have success in incubating eggs whether you do it for fun or as a business. We at Surehatch aim to provide you as our distinguished client with the best possible service and product. We welcome feedback from you and constantly perfect our egg incubators. Our aim is to make you happy and provide you with the necessary tools to successfully incubate eggs.

Please Contact Us with all your incubation needs and we will gladly give you all the necessary information so that you can make the best possible decision. For more information our products, please go to Products