How to Start Your Own Poultry Business

Are you planning on starting your own poultry business in the form of an egg hatchery? If so, then Surehatch is the answer to your needs. We manufacture small and medium scale commercial egg incubators ideal for small to medium scale entrepreneurs who want to start their own egg hatcheries.

It is a highly profitable business to start and your return on investment is quick. No specialized knowledge is needed as we will provide all the necessary training and info in order to have you successfully run your own egg hatchery business.

Why start a hatchery?
The short answer – it is a highly profitable business and your return on investment is very quick. The poultry industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Chicken meat is the fastest growing protein of all proteins and the demand for poultry meat is ever increasing. 

Do I need a lot of money to start a hatchery?
No, you can start with very little money and you can start generating an income within 3 weeks from starting! You can also start off with one or two incubators and buy more incubators as your business needs grow. Surehatch has pioneered the concept of starting your own small to medium scale hatchery with it's unique product offering. We have a full range of egg incubators and hatchers that will enable you to start a hatchery producing as little as 100 chicks up to 100 000 chicks per month! Go to our Products for more info 

Where can I get the equipment to start an egg hatchery?
You can get all the equipment to start your own egg hatchery from Surehatch. We are the market leader in small to medium scale egg incubators and hatchers. We have supplied our incubators to over 5000 customers in over 20 countries. Go to customer Testimonials  

What equipment do I need to start an egg hatchery?
Most importantly you will need egg incubators and brooders. You will use the egg incubators to hatch the chicks and brooders to keep the chicks warm after they have hatched. We gladly give advice on what the best incubators and hatchers will be for your needs. Please Contact Us to discuss your specific hatchery needs.

What facilities do I need to start an egg hatchery?
All our incubators and hatchers need to be stored indoors. Although they can operate independently from outside factors we do recommend that the room in which you place them must have good airflow and a good supply of fresh air. Ideally the room temperature must be between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. This will help the incubators function optimally. Our incubators and hatchers have been designed to regulate their internal temperature to the ideal incubation temperature of 37.5 Degrees Celsius. They do this automatically via sophisticated digital electronic controls which were designed and engineered by Surehatch.

How much space do I need?
This entirely depends on the size of your hatchery. Generally our incubators and hatchers take up very little space in relation to their output capacity. We can help you determine the size of the room required for your hatchery. It's also important to remember that you will need some space to house the newly hatched day old chicks - this is determined by the size of your brooder. Many of our customers place their incubators in a spare room in the house or even in a garage or shed. 

Who do I sell my newly hatched day old chicks to?
In general you will be selling your day old chicks to "growers". These are individuals who rear the chicks to fully grown birds. Growers will buy day old chicks from you and rear them until they are big enough to be slaughtered or sold as live birds. Many of our customers choose to also do the rearing of the birds. It all depends on what facilities you have available. Growers come in all forms and sizes. Most of our customers find growers by searching on the internet for people who sell chickens. If they sell chickens then they must be buying their day old chicks from somewhere. You could be the person that they buy from!

How long does it take before I can start making money?
The great thing about investing in a Surehatch Incubator is that you will start making money in as little as 3 weeks after starting. Your first batch of chicks will hatch after 21 days. As soon as they hatch you can sell them for profit! 

How much money can I make in a year?
This depends on the size of your hatchery. Generally we find that our customers can make back the money they invest in our incubators and hatchers within 12 months of starting. It is safe to work on a 80% hatch rate when calculation potential output. There are several factors which can influence this return on investment, however we have seen these type of returns in practice. 

What if I need help with advice after I start my hatchery?
We pride ourselves on offering excellent after sales service to our customers. You are welcome to Contact Us anytime before or after you have purchased from us. We give thousands of customers advice every year. This is what separates us from many other companies who simply just want to sell incubators and never want to offer help after the sale has been made. Try us - we will impress you with our service.