16000 Egg Hatchery - Produce 4320 chicks per week - SH16000 Chick Hatchery

16000 Egg Hatchery - Produce 4320 chicks per week - SH16000 Chick Hatchery

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Product your own chicks the easy way with a Surehatch Hatching equipment

The SH16000 Hatchery consists of:
6 x SH2160 Setter Incubators (Capacity 8640 chicken eggs)
2 x SH2000H Hatchers (Capacity 4000 chicken eggs)

Load and hatch 4320 eggs per week or 4000 eggs per batch

Why invest in a Surehatch Hatchery Set-up?

      1. All our incubators are fully factory tested and certified.
      2. Fully Automated Digital controls - Incubators have automatic temperature control and automatic turning.
      3. Mobile Design - they have castor wheels and can be moved around by one person with ease.
      4. Multiple Units = Less risk - The innovative "Modular Hatchery" allows for independent operation of each incubator and hatcher, minimizing the risk of major losses in case of a malfunction in one unit. Say goodbye to all your eggs being housed in one large incubator and hello to greater security and efficiency!
      5. Compact and Innovative Designs - Cutting edge designs allows for maximum output in the smallest possible spaces
      6. Industry Leading Track Record - We have served thousands of customers around the world

Full Product Description:

    • Fully Digital Temperature Controls
    • Easy humidity control with Digital Humidity Display
    • Automatic Egg Turner by Siemens
    • Chicken Egg trays included
    • Access eggs from the front of the incubator, making it easier to load the incubator
    • Built-in Lightning and Surge Protection on the electronics
    • Extra Large Clear-View Observation Windows
    • Incubator and hatcher is made of Ultra Durable, Water Resistant Duraboard
    • Opti-Flow™ Specialized High Volume Incubator Fan
    • Maxi-Heat™ Energy Saving Incubator Heating System
    • Internal Light for observing the insides of the incubator
    • Easy to clean Inner Coating for better hatch rates
    • User Manual Included
    • Made in South Africa
    • 3 Year International Guarantee on all parts
    • Exported Worldwide including United States, Canada, Mexico and Caribbean 
    • Dimensions:
      6 x Setters: 
      66" x 40" x 60", 440 Lbs. per Setter
      2 x Hatcher: 66" x 40" x 60" 440 Lbs. per Hatcher
    • Total Power Usage: 110V or 220V Single Phase, 8000 Watts at max
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